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Сустейнер для гитары

Conclusion – Which Guitar Sustain Pedal do we recommend?

As with all of our pedal/equipment recommendations, we try our best to cater to every reader, and hence we segment our recommendations based on important aspects, such as price, functionality, size and product/customer satisfaction.

We highly advise if you have the time, and are serious about purchasing a unit, take a look at the video demonstrations of each pedal featured within the list… It will really give you a clear, audible indication as to which pedal will get you the sound that you desire.

However, without further delay, here are our Editor’s Recommendations on the best Guitar Sustain Pedal for you.

For the guitarist on a budget, but looking for an awesome-sounding pedal which is well-built – Check out the Harley Benton/JOYO JF-10 Compressor/Sustain Pedal – $ – Budget Priced – Buy on Amazon

For the guitarist looking for a mid-priced distortion & guitar sustain pedal – Check out the Deadbeat Sound Distortion/Sustain Pedal – $$ – Moderately Priced – Buy on Amazon

For the guitarist who wants to sleep better at night, with a high-quality, premium effects pedal, oh and a 5-Year manufacturers warranty – Check out the Boss CS-3 – $$ – Moderately Priced – Buy on Amazon

Also, as an honourable mention, we’re also fans of Electro-Harmonix, and so if you’re a fan of their brand too, then this is the option for you… –  Check out the Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff – $$ – Moderately Priced – Buy on Amazon

Last Updated on April 1, 2020

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